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  1. To promote and integrate high speed broadband services in Sri Lanka by allowing all citizens to gain access to the information technology regardless of their social standards  and place of living

1.    To identify the obstacles that may hamper broadband market entry and development

2.    To Introduce National Policy for high speed broadband Internet in Sri Lanka

3.    Give recommendations and provide unique strategy to the stakeholders to increase broadband penetration in Sri Lanka in the process of making broadband ubiquitous.

4.    To covert Sri Lanka to a supplier of digital goods and services to the global market

5.    To increase public exposure in broadband related services

6.    To increase the use of on-line services among citizens by developing e-applications in the key areas of  public services

7.    To increase the local content especially in the areas of education, entertainment and services

8.    To develop IP BPO infrastructure facilities

9.    To increase IT literacy

10.  To increase  computer penetration and usage

11.  To introduce modern communication technologies to the country at appropriate times

12.  To help investors by opening new opportunities in IT sector

13.  Invent new businesses and create opportunities by utilizing existing resources in the country  to the maximum

14.  Provide advisory services and guidance to stakeholders in broadband related matters

15.  To achieve the targets of e-Sri Lanka by the year 2013.