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ADSL  Network Status                 



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29.08.2005   Time 08:10


SLT re- established it's backbone connectivity to USA via SEA-ME-WE 3 under sea cable on 29th of August2005. This restoration of connectivity has taken more than 26 days to complete and recorded as the longest period ever in SLT's history, company sustained in a single backbone link to deliver  Internet data traffic to its destinations.



Both backbone links (STM-1/OC-3) are in operation.



Failure first reported on                              03.08.2005

Total days taken by SLT to-

-rectify the  problem                                          27



Service Interruptions 03.02.2006

ADSL service become intermittent causing difficulty in accessing web sites. Sudden losses in data transferring in the middle of Internet transactions are common. But the connectivity remains unchanged. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the ADSL connection. 



Service quality has been improved. Nearly after three years since the beginning of the service, SLT has decided to uplift the quality in SLT ADSL service. We appreciate the decision taken by SLT officials to upgrade the service levels in SLT ADSL service. 



Just after couple of days, quality went back to its poor state as usual






RED        Network is experiencing a technical difficulty

GREEN    Network OK