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List of News Paper Articles


 01  Strengthening Economy with Broadband Internet                                                           

 Daily News  12.02.2008
 02  Enhancing National Security With Broadband Internet                                                      Daily News  08.04.2008
 03   National Policy for High Speed Internet  Daily News  27.05.2008
 04  Cutting Down Fuel Costs with High Speed Broadband Internet  Daily News  30.06.2008
 05  E Government Is the Right Module for Sri Lanka  Daily News  05.08.2008
 06  Broadband Internet Would Never Become Live Unless it is powered with Speed  Daily News  12.08.2008
 07  Have Sri Lankans Been Told About the Benefits of Internet?  Daily News  26.08.2008
 08  Wireless Mobile Broadband Changes the Way We access Internet  Daily News  04.09.2008
 09  Delivering ICT and e Applications Only Possible with the Right Bandwidth  Daily News  23.09.2008
 10  High Speed Broadband Internet; Is Sri Lanka's Communication Infrastructure Sufficient?  Daily News  03.10.2008
 11  IT Would Never Become The Driver for Economy Until Broadband Fosters  Daily News  05.11.2008
 12  Economic Catalyst; Broadband a Must In Every Sri Lankan Household  Daily News  25.11.2008
 13  When Government Goes Online  Daily News  11.12.2008
 14  Quality Assessment Technique Is A Must In Broadband Internet  Daily News  26.12.2008
 15  High Speed Internet Services With Cutting Edge Technology  Daily News  08.01.2009
 16  Victorious Nation and the Independence  Daily News  04.02.2009
 17  Dawdling Internet Adds More Weight on National Grid  Daily News  09.02.2009

 18  Internet; Before it Becomes an Illusion

 Daily News  11.03.2009
 19  ICT - World Economic Recession is in Our Favour  Daily News  27.03.2009
 20  Internet Retardation Could Affect Country’s Economy  Daily News  05.05.2009
 21  Internet is Indispensable in English and IT Promotion  Daily News 30.06.2009
 22  Sri Lanka Must Adopt Internet Education Soon  Daily News 30.07.2009
 23  Significance of Implementing E-Map for Colombo City  Daily News 17.08.2009
 24  Internet; Right Bandwidth to Prevent Bandwidth Exhaustion  Daily News 07.09.2009
 25  Internet Access has Finally Become a Human Right  Daily News 03.11.2009
 26   Mahinda Rajapaksa; The Tech President in Asia leads IT development  Daily News 19.11.2009
 27   Government Initiative to Develop High Speed Broadband Internet  Daily News 21.01.2010
 28   Preparing to Expand High Speed Internet in Sri Lanka  Daily News 10.05.2010
 29    Broadband: Standardization will Remove Speed Barriers  Daily News 13.09.2010
 30    TRCSL to Gear Up Next Phase of Broadband Development  Daily News 26.04.2012